Monday, October 27, 2014

Some Important News - The Jack Vasal Memorial Fund

Hi Everybody!

I know I am a little bit behind in this, but I was waiting for it to hit a stride on Now that it is in full swing, I'd like to share with you the BGG auction for the Jack Vasal Memorial Fund (JVMF Home Page). The fund has been setup to help others out when they need it most by Tom Vasal, a big player in our board gaming community. Besides being able to donate on the Fund's website, this yearly auction is a good chance to connect with others in the community and a chance to give back.

Board gamers, publishers, reviewers, and designers alike have joined forces to auction of all kinds of things in pursuit of raising money for the cause. The items include board games, yes, but aren't limited to that. There are some offering design advice over Skype, others that will paint minis, some donating video games, and some donating more personal and sentimental items. All proceeds raised from the auction go directly to the JVMF.

Now for the important details. The auction ends on November 14th at 11:59pm CST. Also you can still list items for auction. That's right, besides being able to donate by bidding on items, you can still contribute by putting up items for others. It is really a win-win-win. You can pick up some great items, help others get what they want, and donate to such a noble cause. The BGG Geeklist and guidelines for submission and bidding are located Here - JVMF Geeklist. Click the link to see what is going on.

On a bit of a personal side note, I have a little something sappy to say. Out of all the groups I have belonged to, out of all the hobbies I have joined, and all the people I have met - not one has come close to the amount comradery, care, and support that I have seen from the board gaming community.

Please check out the Jack Vasal Memorial Fund auction. Donate what you can for a great cause.

Thank you all again for returning to the Daemonic Teutonic. I hope you enjoyed the news today and I will be getting back to reviews as soon as possible.


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