Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Reviews on the Way and More

Hi everybody!

So I setup a list for the moment of around 40 games I am going to review as soon as possible. One or two of those will be on here tomorrow. Some of them are Kickstarter games that haven't arrived yet, but I want to jump on them when the iron is hot for reviewing.

Maybe It is
I am hoping to build up a bit more reputation before I start going into News segments and I am going to start looking into doing previews. The previews are tricky territory and I want to make sure I handle something like that properly.

I am thinking about making lists as well, such as "My Top 10..." or whatever. I know it is a bit of a quirk, but I love making lists. I don't know why, but lists are great.

I also want to thank you all again for reading these interruptions and reviews. It means a lot to me. Gaming is a wonderful hobby that helps me relax and escape from my stress filled work life. Sharing my passion and joy with you and having someone actual read it is such a great feeling.

Please, please feel free to drop me an email or comment and discuss on the posts. I also want to take this time to ask for your feedback. Are my views clear and concise on the games? Is there something I can change or format better? Is there something you want to see here at Daemonic Teutonic? Please let me know because I would love this blog to become the absolute best it can be.

Thank you all again! I hope you are enjoying Daemonic Teutonic.


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